About me

Rogier Dikkes

My name is Rogier Dikkes, since 2012 I have worked in various Linux related roles.

Since 2012 I have specialised in helping organisations building Big Data clusters, container and virtualisation environments. This has been done in E-Learning, HPC Compute and the Energy sector. This has mainly been in Systems programmer/platform engineer roles.


2019 - Present: Vandebron

The platform I built in my role as Big Data DevOps platform engineer became utilised by multiple teams, with this my role expanded. In this role i had to additionally manage costs, design the infrastructure, make quarterly/year planning and manage the backlog of the team. There were 4 platform engineers working in the team. Infrastructure was done as code. Scripts were in Bash, Python, Golang.

In this role I helped set up the open API, build and architect the cloud network and infrastructure, improved operational stability and made cost optimisations. Teams were writing code in Scala, Python, Ruby, NodeJS and React Native.

2018 - 2019: Vandebron

As DevOps platform engineer in the Big Data team I was responsible for building and maintaining infrastructure for the team. Due to the infrastructure flexibility in scaling and the performance increase achieved in this platform it was utilised by multiple teams. It enabled easy scaling and managing of their micro services, allowing building data platforms and data processing pipelines.

In my role for the Big Data team I supported the team by managing their tools such as: Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, NiFi, Elastic, Hyperledger (Blockchain). For the general infrastructure tools used: Traefik, Mesos, DCOS, zookeeper, Prometheus, Grafana, MongoDB, CockroachDB, Postgres, Hashicorp Vault, Redis, ELK, Zipkin, Jenkins. This was built on top of AWS, on which I build spot instance Spark autoscaling. In AWS I managed the cloud infrastructure based on EC2, Dynamodb, S3, networking, ELB’s. Configuration management was in Ansible, Packer, Docker, Terraform.

2013 - 2018: SURFsara

At SURFsara I was part of two operational teams; the HPC Cloud and the Scalable Data Analytics team.

With the HPC Cloud facility, SURFsara offered self-service, dynamically scalable and fully configurable IAAS HPC systems to the Dutch academic community. The environment used Opennebula, Ansible, Ceph, Prometheus and many other applications in support of the HPC Cloud. Within this environment we offered GPU, Compute and storage as resources. The HPC Cloud had multi petabytes of Ceph storage that I setup as the block storage for the IAAS HPC Cloud. The last year at SURFsara I became the technical lead for the HPC cloud infrastructure.

SURFsara operated one of the largest Hadoop clusters for scientific research in Europe with multi petabytes of storage. The Scalable Data Analytics team was responsible for running ElasticSearch and Hadoop/Yarn/Spark clusters. Main responsibility was the unified compute infrastructure based on Mesos and Aurora.

From June 2014 till December 2014 I was part of the Grid Compute operational team at SURFsara. The grid is a transnational distributed infrastructure of compute clusters and storage systems.

2012 - 2013: UP learning

E-learning hosting of Moodle, Mahara, Big Blue Button and Kaltura environments.

2012 - 2012: UNC

E-learning hosting setup for a training.