Ranch your Minikube

Because why not?

In the previous post, we went through a lot of steps to get Minikube running on the Apple M1 Pro without docker-desktop. Eventually, it was working on a virtual machine with vftool. The problem with this setup is that it would take a lot of effort to get minikube accessible directly from my MacBook. In the closing words, I already mentioned I had an idea to run Minikube directly on the M1 Pro. [Read More]

k3s permission denied when using kubectl

for your test labs

When you install k3s as described on k3s.io, you can run into the following error when you try a kubectl get po without sudo: Unable to read /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml, please start server with -write-kubeconfig-mode to modify kube config permissions. error: error loading config file “/etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml”: open /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml: permission denied There are a couple of solutions to run kubectl without sudo on k3s, without the need to reinstall k3s. I will list 2 of them [Read More]

Migrating from Mesos to Kubernetes: First week experiences

Fun times in Kubernetes

A couple months ago D2IQ (formerly known as Mesosphere) CEO Tobi Knaup announced all their efforts are going towards their Kubernetes offering: https://d2iq.com/blog/d2iq-takes-the-next-step-forward If you read between all the marketing and management blabla you will find out that DCOS is End Of Life. Since D2IQ was the main contributor of Mesos, one of the core components of DCOS, we can safely conclude that Mesos is losing its main contributor. Since most of the community already have left Mesos and now its main contributor is leaving the question is not if you should leave Mesos or DCOS and migrate to another option but rather: When are you going to migrate to another platform? [Read More]