CMS experience for a non web developer

Messing around with

As a platform engineer you are asked to help out make developers scale their application, how to make their work easier and more secure. However the specifics on how to make this icon’s background transparent or how to use a clean and sexy font is something that I have very little experience with. The not-invented-here syndrome is something that is really big in the HPC landscape, since often solutions are not invented yet. [Read More]
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Gitlab pages hosting on TransIP with Lets Encrypt certificates

Lets Encrypt It

After the 4th or 5th time the domain hosting company got taken over, the interface seemed to get worse and worse, I decided to move the domain to TransIP. I worked with the TransIP interface before and it is easy to manage, they offer an API and 2FA so my requirements were quickly met. Every couple months I register a domain for a project I plan to work on. The end result is hundreds euros in costs per year for domains I hardly use. [Read More]
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DCOS: Azure OpenID

With good documentation it should not be hard

This HOWTO will very likely be out of date soon, since Microsoft updates their Azure portal way too often to make documentation reliable. The official documentation for setting up OpenID in Azure Active Directory was outdated and I could not find a few of the listed options they described on: If this documentation can help one or two people with setting this up it would be worth it, since i spend a couple hours on finding the right endpoints and setup i decided to make this HOWTO. [Read More]
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Awesome tool: rclone

rclone is a storage swiss army knife

A couple days ago I was reading questions on a tech website, in one of the topics someone explained an issue that they needed to copy from an SFTP location files in a cron job. They tried using rsync, however SFTP does not support interactive sessions which rsync sets up. As a solution I mentioned rclone. This is such a great tool that has been in my arsenal for quite a while now and I thought it would be good to give a shoutout to this tool. [Read More]

Awesome tool: Shellcheck

Use shellcheck in all the things!

While sharing the solution to issues you encountered is great, sometimes tools are worth mentioning even if you did not build them or have issues with them. Most of the IT staff would not be where they are now without good tooling, this post is to add praise to one of those tools. Perhaps I will do this more often, but first lets discuss: Shellcheck. Since a couple years I have incorporated Shellcheck in my daily bash shell script writing. [Read More]

Setting a correct date on Beautiful Hugo

The content writes itself

A while ago someone showed me how Hugo integrates perfectly with Gitlab. He showed me how easy it was to edit the pages, generate content and the benefits you gain while using static content. This sparked my interest and quickly I had a Gitlab page setup, with a pipeline, Lets Encrypt certificate and I was ready to rock. I reserved the domain years ago and now I finally had a reason to start using it. [Read More]

Terraform module debug

Lessons learned

The terraform module change I deployed seemed to have valid syntax, the module initialized properly with terraform init. The terraform plan created a valid plan, no errors or syntax issues were raised. When I started to execute the plan with terraform deploy it returned the following error: Error: Error launching source instance: VPCIdNotSpecified: No default VPC for this user status code: 400, request id: xxx This error pointed me towards a bug report on the Terraform github issues page, this stated: [Read More]